The main production process, the surface treatment professional, franchised sawing, stamping, sandblasting, wire drawing, polishing the anode, approved flowers, high-gloss, printing, Ray carving, CNC, and other hot ..
Service - Quality
The company's quality policy is "quality, efficiency, service and safety."
The company is to enhance industrial competitiveness, will continue to introduce new production technology and equipment to provide the best technology and the best quality service,
And to meet the quality demands of customers, ask the customer to grow more and more successful, but also expect the company to grow as customers grow longer and more growth. The company's quality policy is as follows:
    High quality is the driving force behind the development of the company, only the pursuit of excellent quality in order to reassure customers, makes us a quality representative.
    Through staff training, improve production efficiency, and customer needs, the quality of cognitive differences. Full quality control, once OK.
    Yu chuan Co., Ltd. is always professional, enthusiastic attitude, the customer needs to provide a reasonable service and disposal.
    "Safety" is the business of the elements, only to strengthen education and training and safety awareness of employees, and regularly check the implementation and maintenance of facilities, in order to ensure business continuity.
    We are committed to the development, implementation and maintenance of quality policy in line with requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management systems.
    High-precision measurement instrument having to do the inspection work, the implementation of quality control functions.
To do a comprehensive quality management, related systems and the establishment of the Company with the main detector.
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