The main production process, the surface treatment professional, franchised sawing, stamping, sandblasting, wire drawing, polishing the anode, approved flowers, high-gloss, printing, Ray carving, CNC, and other hot ..
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Yo Chaun was established in July 1999 to set up major projects for the surface treatment of aluminum anode foundry, our business has been anodized more than two decades of experience we use, the quality of imported raw materials remained stable, the company is the only legitimate power in Taiwan specialized aluminum area, we are not afraid of environmental issues, we do a good job of environmental protection, in order to improve quality, the company developed the West German technology, our products are more advanced perfect, courtesy of the company's image and product quality is certainly a lot of market, establish a good reputation.

Metal plating anodized aluminum surface treatment plant - professional management of various types of anodized surface blasting, polishing and various shaped aluminum extrusion, aluminum type, aluminum anodic dyeing class anodized aluminum extrusion plants ... shaped blasting, hairline treatment , stained metal surface treatment, polishing treatment, etching treatment, a dyeing treatment other metal surface treatment .....
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