The main production process, the surface treatment professional, franchised sawing, stamping, sandblasting, wire drawing, polishing the anode, approved flowers, high-gloss, printing, Ray carving, CNC, and other hot ..
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Applications anodized
Sports equipment, automobile, audio-visual equipment, building materials, hardware and bicycle spare parts: wheels, wheel arcs, tooth plate, flywheel, the drivers brake calipers, faucet, seat tube, 3C products shell, mobile phone, PDA, and so on.
  Anodized dural
Piston seat, pistons, cylinders, bearings, rails, hydraulic equipment or impeller reduce the weight of aluminum and steel wear parts.
  Anode dyed
Red, orange, K gold, green, brown, yellow (bronze) color, purple, black, blue, white (Silver), pink, matte color processing, etc. ... can be formulated according to customer requirements.
Hair treatment
Surface treatment processes are widely used, the wood processing mill through a variety of products in different thickness and different surface, such as the length of hair-like surface, can enhance its value-added products and unique, stand Governor may provide different textures of hair processing such as wool yarn, and a long straight wire straight wire and so on ....
By sandblasting, the product can be obtained in different surface roughness appearance, reduce product surface reflectivity, so that the product showed a strong metal texture, while the blasting material can overcome minor surface defects to a certain extent, deburring, improve product yield.
The purpose of polishing and grinding is to remove part of defects in materials surfaces (slight scratches, burrs, etc.), to provide a flat surface for the subsequent process, while making the product surface is bright, even a mirror brightness effect, after oxidation showing a strong metallic luster.
Metal plating anodized aluminum surface treatment plant - professional management of various types of anodized surface blasting, polishing and various shaped aluminum extrusion, aluminum type, aluminum anodic dyeing class anodized aluminum extrusion plants ... shaped blasting, hairline treatment , stained metal surface treatment, polishing treatment, etching treatment, a dyeing treatment other metal surface treatment .....
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